Superconductivity In Nanowires. Fabrication And Quantum Transport

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The importance and actuality of nanotechnology is unabated and will be for years to come

A main challenge is to understand the various properties of certain nanostructures, and how to generate structures with specific properties for use in actual applications in Electrical Engineering and Medicine

A promising approach is to use carbon nanotubes as well as DNA structures as templates

In particular, it is the only available resource for the approach of using DNA and carbon nanotubes for nanowire fabrication

It is intended for graduate students and young researchers interested in nanoscale superconductivity

It presents an account of theoretical models, charge transport experiments, and also conveys the latest experimental findings regarding fabrication, measurements, and theoretical analysis

Many fundamental theoretical questions are still unanswered, e.g

One of the most important structures are nanowires, in particular superconducting ones

The readers are assumed to have knowledge of the basics of quantum mechanics and superconductivity.

They are highly promising for future electronics, transporting current without resistance and at scales of a few nanometers

This work is tackling them and provides a detailed analysis of the transport properties of such ultrathin wires

To fabricate wires to certain defined standards however, is a major challenge, and so is the investigation and understanding of these properties in the first place

Related to the role of quantum fluctuations